The accelerating legal landscape can make even the smallest error costly. To ensure our clients maintain a productive environment, Legalis strives to understand any challenges and provide the appropriate level of support to keep our clients focused on core business processes without distraction. As law firms target the delivery of expertise in a timely manner to their clients, resource planning can be challenging based on unpredictability and daily changes in the legal world, regardless of a firm’s size. Legalis’ support enables clients to create proactive plans for the effective deployment and utilization of resources.



Legalis International provides investigative services focused on producing competitive intelligence, background and due diligence information to decision makers worldwide. Our staff includes analysts with intelligence community, law enforcement, military intelligence and private investigative experience.  Our systematic investigative approach reveals the competence, character, and stability of prospective, former, and opposing partners and affiliates. Financial firms, corporations, and counsel rely on our due diligence investigations and background checks to mitigate risk and defend threats.


Legalis provides personalized, top-quality and result-oriented legal research services to law firms and businesses worldwide. The most substantial costs in legal proceedings include the time and effort involved in research and writing. By leveraging our vast experience as attorneys, paralegals, clerks and researchers, Legalis provides rigorous legal research services to help relieve our clients’ caseloads.

Talent Services

In today’s fast-paced business climate, law firms and corporate legal departments must respond to client demands without hesitation. Meanwhile, the financial collapse of 2008 resulted in an increasing emphasis on keeping costs down, including how resources are staffed and utilized.  At Legalis, our team of legal professionals have been submitted to a rigorous vetting process by our in-house legal staff to ensure they are ready to engage any task.  Our legal professionals are handpicked based not only on their experience and competency but also because of their commitment to excellence and willingness to dive into our clients’ most challenging projects.  

Service of Process

Legalis offers full-package service of process solutions executed through our nationwide network of vetted servers. Our team manages the entire process, while you remain focused on your business. Daily updates save your team valuable time while keeping you in the loop on each serve entrusted to Legalis. When necessary, our team can provide additional surveillance, skip tracing, and other investigative solutions.

Discovery Responses

Legalis’ pool of skilled legal professionals has proven experience obtaining the client's interrogatory responses and reviewing case files to help with document production.  At Legalis, we enable our clients to refocus their time, energy and effort on the high-value strategic tasks critical to their case.

Political Reporting

Legalis manages registration and timely disclosure reporting for Independent Contract Lobbyists, Corporate Lobbyists, and Principals. Our expert team takes the complexity of filing schedules off our client’s plate at any level of government from vendor and local to state agency.